Doorstep Loan Aspects

Loan Amount

Doorstep loans are unsecured loan types thus are of smaller amounts. They are usually short term loans and in many cases may last only a month or a few months. The amount that can be borrowed from Scottish Loans ranges from 50 to 1500. Since the loan is of a smaller amount, the borrower can pay on a weekly or monthly basis. This all depends on the income source of an individual. For many individuals who have benefits, the ideal payment is monthly at a time when they receive their monthly benefits.

Repayment Terms

Scottish Loans offers the best repayment plan for its customers. This covers from the interest rate charged and the loan tenure for the doorstep loan offered. In the case of the loan rate, we charge one of the lowest amounts in rate by doorstep loan providers. In addition, there are no hidden fees associated with our loans. The company also focuses on giving loans that we feel you can pay back. We try our best not to overfund customers knowing they may not be able to pay back or may struggle to pay the loan back.

The repayment may last for as little as 2 weeks or as much as 52 weeks. This depends on the borrower’s repayment ability and the total amount taken up as loan. In case one misses a payment but was able to communicate with the agent, we do not hurry to increase the APR as a means to exact a penalty. This makes Scottish Loans a considerate doorstep loans provider.

Credit Rating

Doorstep loans do have an effect on your credit rating. The good news is that Scottish Loans doorstep loans are provided even to individuals who have a poor credit rating. This in turn offers them the opportunity to improve your credit rating. Records regarding payment of the loans are usually shared with credit reference agencies. Good repayment has the ability to positively impact your rating thus improving your credit rating. However, bad repayment will negatively affect your credit report.

If at any point you feel that you have trouble in repaying your credit, it is good to contact your agent. You should talk through the issue at length and let them offer a solution to the crisis. They may have a better way to solve the issues that you may be facing thus letting you have an easy time through the loan process.

Availability In The Home

If you are planning to take up a door step loan, then you must be an individual that can be found available at home. if you have work that has irregular time schedules, doorstep loans are not the best option for you. This is because the agent may not be able to keep up with your schedules. In such cases, online loans prove to be better options. It is good to keep in mind that doorstep loans are designed to offer personalized services to you. During the face to face meetings or encounters with the agent, they learn what you need and ensure that the services given take care of your needs.