Smart Doorstep Loans

It is wise to be smart when selecting a door step loan. This will not only help you get the money you need at the right time but will enable you to enjoy all the benefits that doorstep loans can offer. Smart choices include:

• You should check to see that the lender you are choosing has a license to operate. All doorstep lenders need to be licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority. Absence of a license means that one is running an illegal business and you should stay away from these. Ensure that the agent who turns up to your doorstep is certified and has the proper documentation to prove this. This should keep you safe from loan sharks.

• Take your time to Compare Doorstep Loan offers made by different lenders. Do not just settle on the first lender you find online. Take your time and look through offers by other lenders. This will help you minimize on cost and maximize on the benefits of the loan. Comparing the loans will help you land on a fair deal charging reasonable rates on the loan.

• In case your agent tries to breach the contract terms, do not hesitate to report the incident. Talk to our customer support staff who will be willing to offer help. You can call or send us an email and the response will be fast. You can choose to have a new agent assigned to you.